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Halloween Quiz (15 questions)

Hi everybody!

Halloween is breathing down our necks and if you're into English as well as horror culture

try our Halloween Quiz (which is here to stay). 

Have fun!

....and remember: cheaters will BURN IN HELL!

Memorize your result and read about yourself

Test Result (is realistic if you haven't cheated):

1-3: You're probably an A1 horror and grammar virgin, my friend.
4-7: You're not hopeless and it seems you're an A2 both in horror and grammar.
8-10: As a B1 you might survive the first wave of zombie apocalypse, but if all the creatures are unleashed, you will fail.
11-13: Hmmm, a geek I sense in you, my young B2, but a Jedi you are not.
14-15: Welcome to the dark side of C1 level. Having scored that, you may have either really good knowledge of grammar or horror or both!



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